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Apr 5, 2017


* Ohio - Turnpike travelers will see semi-autonomous trucks on the road this spring

--- Ohio this spring will begin a new phase in its autonomous vehicle exploration... California-based Peloton Technology will roll out an evolving vehicle tech known as 'platooning' on the Ohio Turnpike... Platooning involves creating pairs of semi-autonomous commercial trucks. Vehicle-to-vehicle communication allows the vehicles to travel close together, which reduces fuel burn and cuts wind resistance. The trucks communicate on braking and speed... Peloton-operated trucks operate in pairs, follow about 50 feet behind one another, are equipped with forward collision avoidance systems and have a driver in each cab to steer... And, if a car cuts in between the two trucks, the trucks automatically extend their distance until the car clears the area... The platooning efforts are the next step in the turnpike's foray into autonomous and connected vehicle research. Last fall, Otto - the self-driving truck company owned by Uber - began testing on the turnpike... 
(Image Peloton, this spring will roll out an evolving vehicle tech known as platooning on the Ohio Turnpike)v  --  Cleveland, OH, USA - The Plain Dealer, by Ginger Chris - April 01, 2017

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