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Apr 4, 2017


* Illinois - Approximately 2,700 International trucks recalled

--- Navistar it is recalling approximately 2,700 International trucks because of a problem that could cause the air brakes to lose pressure... Navistar says the cause of the recall is the air dryer mounting bracket could fracture, causing the air dryer to separate from the frame with possible airline separation from the dryer, which could result in air system leaks or loss of air pressure to the brake system. The recall says this could result in increased stopping distances, increasing the risk of a crash... Navistar says drivers would likely see a loss of air pressure on the air gauge or hear a buzzer in the cab of the truck if the defect occurs... To fix the defect, Navistar will replace the air dryer mounting bracket with a bracket made of heavier gauge steel and thicker gussets... 
(Photo: Model year 2017 International LoneStar trucks are included in Navistar’s recall, which affects approximately 2,700 trucks)  --  Warrenville, ILL, USA - Overdrive, by Matt Cole - March 30, 2017

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