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Apr 5, 2017


* Moscow - Russian highway toll increase lower than expected

--- The government's decision will make it easier for trucking to maintain its dominance in the market of domestic Russian shipping... The Russian government has backed off plans to double tolls for federal road use as part of the Platon electronic toll collection system thanks to strikes and protests by truckers, but tolls will still increase 25 percent to 1.9 rubles ($0.033) per kilometer (0.6 miles) starting April 15... The lower level of increase makes it less likely that shippers will move volumes to Russian rail operators as some shippers and transportation analysts predicted... Russia‚Äôs busiest domestic route, between St. Petersburg and Moscow, illustrates the cost advantages of trucking. It costs 42,000 rubles ($745) to move a container between those destinations, compared with 49,000 rubles by rail... 
(Photo: Russian trucks on Russia's Highways) -- Moscow, Russia - JOC, by Eugene Gerden - Apr 03, 2017

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