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Apr 21, 2017

GRAIN TRANSPORT * Australia - Trialing bigger trucks for

* NSW - Trucking industry is keen to try a WA trial to allow bigger trucks onto small back roads

--- The NSW bulk freight industry is eyeing a West Australian “last mile” access trial, which allowed bigger vehicles to use roads previously off limits... Western Australia’s harvest mass management scheme allows a 10 per cent mass variation for the transport of grain from farm to a registered ­receival operator. This allows for the difficulty caused by the natural variation of grain density when trucks are loaded on farm... WA Farmers grains presidentDuncan Young, said the group were involved with helping set up the trial and were supportive of it because it ­allowed farmers to be able get bigger trucks on roads they were previously denied and this was good for productivity... Young added, the harvest mass management scheme, now almost a decade old, had been a big success... 
(Photo: Load it up. The NSW freight industry is hoping a WA scheme will be adopted to boost productivity)  --  Sidney, New South Wales, Australia - The Weekly Times, by GABRIELLE JOHNSTON and EMMA FIELD - April 19, 2017



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