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Apr 7, 2017


* California - Trucking companies using new recruitment strategies to attract younger truck drivers

--- As the trucking industry continues to struggle with a growing shortage of drivers, transportation companies are using more tech-oriented recruitment strategies to attract younger drivers... According to the 2017 Transportation Spotlight report by employee background check firm HireRight, trucking companies are using fresh tactics to bolster driver recruitment and to attract a more diverse audience... Other sectors, including manufacturing and construction, are also changing strategies to attract and retain the growing generation. Compared to older generations, millennials typically want more flexibility, time off and options that support a work-life balance... A recent survey by Deloitte found that employers that reward employees with a higher degree of flexible working environments tend to earn greater loyalty from millennial workers. Organizations who offered such arrangements also said it had a positive impact on financial performance... 
 (Photo from frozencokefridays: Big Rig baby, thats got to pull the horn rope too)  --  Irvine, CAL, USA -, by CRAIG GUILLOT - April 6, 2017

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