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Apr 5, 2017

CHEVROLET' TRUCK * USA: Fueled by hydrogen cells

* Michigan - Chevrolet ZH2 truck brings hydrogen closer to the battlefield

--- The camouflaged military truck sped across the dirt and mud in near silence. The only noise was a low air-compressor whine and the crunch of tires through the rough terrain... This futuristic pickup – a modified Chevrolet Colorado – runs on electricity generated by a hydrogen fuel cell. The zero-emissions truck is the result of a $4-million partnership between General Motors and the U.S. Army to determine whether hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are ready for the combat zone... GM brought the truck, code-named ZH2, to its proving grounds in Milford, Mich., on a windy March afternoon to demonstrate the pickup’s capabilities... The ZH2 will soon be delivered to the Army for testing. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles have the potential to offer greater range, fuel efficiency and noise reduction than the diesel-powered trucks currently in use... 
(Photo by Ryan ZumMallen/ - Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 hydrogen fuell cell truck)   --   Milford, Mich, USA -, by RYAN ZUMMALLEN - APRIL 3, 2017

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