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Apr 28, 2017

AUTONOMOUS TECHNOLOGY on TRUCKS * USA: Increases fuel economy

* DC - Autonomous truck study predicts major fuel savings

--- A new report by the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), the statistical and analytical agency within the US Department of Energy, has found that autonomous technology could deliver fuel economy increases as early as this year... According to the report, vehicles equipped for assisted-platooning technology could almost instantly result in fuel savings for the industry, with 4.5 per cent increases possible by 2030 and 13.9 per cent by 2040, and 18.6 per cent by 2050 “due to Level 1-3 technology alone”... The report noted, however, that it is also likely that as autonomous technology increased overall vehicle safety and reduced accidents, speed limits may increase to around 80 mph (ca. 130 km/h), which could reduce the predicted fuel economy numbers somewhat... The report also found that most insurance industry executives in the US currently do not believe autonomous technology will have an impact on their businesses in the short term... 
Washington, DC, USA - Prime Mover (Australia) - 27th, April 2017

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