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Apr 3, 2017

200,000 miles runing TRUCKS * USA

* New York - Trucks that run for 200,000 miles or more

(Photo: Chevrolet Silverado 1500, 2017 model) 
 ...According to an extensive analysis of more than 13 million cars conducted by the used-vehicle website, 11 out of the 14 vehicles that are most likely to remain running with 200,000 or more miles on the odometer are either pickup trucks or truck-based SUVs...
(Photo: Ford-F-150-Limited-front-three-quarter-black)
... The champ in this regard is the full-size Ford Expedition SUV, with 5.7% of all versions currently on the road registering more than 200,000 miles; the industry average among all vehicles in 1.3%. Eight of the 14 longest-lasting vehicles come from either General Motors or Ford, with the remaining five sold by Toyota or Honda...
NY, USA - Forbes, by Jim Gorzelany - MAR 30, 2017



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