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Mar 27, 2017


* California - L.A. Port trucking firm using Cummins’ Ultra-Low Emissions natural gas engines

--- Cummins is starting to gain traction with its new line of ultra-low emissions compressed natural gas truck engines... Total Transportation Services Inc., a large drayage trucking company working the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, has started to use one of the first Cummins Westport ISX12 G low natural gas engines in one of its trucks to shuttle shipping containers around the port complex... The ultra-clean compressed natural gas (CNG) engine was developed by the Cummins Westport Inc. joint venture. It can lower the three key types of tailpipe pollutants – nitrates of oxygen or NOx, smog-causing particulates and greenhouse gases – well below the maximum levels now set by federal and state regulation... 
 (Photo from California Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition - Total Transportation Services drayage truck uses a ultra-low emission natural gas engine from Cummins Westport)   --   Los Angeles, CAL, USA -, by JERRY HIRSCH - March 23, 2017

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