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Mar 18, 2017

TRUCKERS' REVOLT * France - On Martinique Island

* Martinique - Revolt rumbles among road hauliers

-- Inapplicable provisions concerning driving time and rest periods, freight prices in free fall and threshold of high gasoline tax exemption: the subjects of grogne multiplied for the carriers of Martinique. These have been raising the pressure with the local authorities for several days. The  carriers of Martinique are mobilizing. Some fifty vehicles blocked the CTM (Territorial Collectivity of Martinique) Wednesday, February 15. The cause of the sling? The strict application of European regulations on driving and rest periods... "It is not viable in this region because there are no car parks along the roads. Drivers are therefore forced to find impossible solutions on acceleration lanes, service stations or Customers, where they are being forced back, "said Catherine Pons, vice-president of UNOSTRA... Brussels, in the interests of finding a solution, had indeed granted a derogation which could concern Caribbean carriers by excluding from the scope of the regulation territories of less than 2300 km2 ... 
Martinique Island, France  --  ACTU Logistique et Transport (France), by SLIMANE BOUKEZZOULA - Updated 13 March 2017

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