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Mar 14, 2017


* Delhi - Logistics firms try to make ride smoother for drivers

--- Logistics companies have started designing systems to ensure that their drivers are well rested even as the vehicles keep moving... Logistics start-up GoBOLT, for instance, has detached the truck and driver through a double driver and driver relay system... A truck, if maintained well, can run 24 hours. But a driver cannot be on perpetual duty... Driver relay systems are different. A Delhi-Ahmedabad route, for instance, is broken into Delhi-Jaipur and Jaipur-Ahmedabad, with different drivers for the two phases... The driver who gets off at Jaipur takes another truck back to Delhi, so that he is back home the same night, said Sharma, adding this is much like flying hours for pilots... SP Singh, Senior Fellow of the Indian Foundation for Transport Research and Training, said the concept of relay drivers would require a lot of cargo and the challenge would be to ensure sustainability... However, the overwhelming majority of trucks do not adhere to this condition as they look to cut costs for their end-customers in the highly unorganised and competitive industry, he pointed out... 
(Photo: Truck operators are increasingly going for the double and relay driver models to ensure driver welfare and speedy coverage)   --   NEW DELHI, India - The Hindu Business Lines, by MAMUNI DAS - March 12, 2017

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