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Mar 25, 2017

TELEMATIC MACKS * USA: Fully conected trucks

* Kentucky - Mack adds telematics, brake and transmission options

--- Emphasizing the growing role of truck connectivity, Mack Trucks said it was extending its telematics hardware as an option for its model year 2011 and newer trucks equipped with Mack engines... It also discussed a new fuel efficiency option for its Super Econodyne transmission, plus new niche axle and brake options during a press conference at the Mid-America Trucking show... The announcements came as Mack Vice President of Global Marketing and Brand Management John Walsh said they expects North American Class 8 sales in 2017 to be 215,000 units, down from 243,000 in 2016... On the older trucks, telematics company Geotab is providing the same hardware to monitor vehicle codes as it does for Mack’s GuardDog Connect system on new trucks, said Roy Horton, director of product strategy at Mack... At the same time, the device is fully transferable from truck to truck, Horton said... 
(Photo: Mack Trucks Fleet Management software) -- Louisville, KY, USA - Transport Topics, by Roger W. Gilroy - 23 March 2017



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