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Mar 14, 2017

STARSKY ROBOTICS * USA: Remote-controlled trucks

* California - Human-less trucks are here

--- The idea for remote-controlled robots that drive trucks came to Stefan Seltz-Axmacher. Now the 27-year-old co-founder of Starsky Robotics is heading one of a handful of startups looking at upending the long-haul trucking industry... The 15-employee company already has raised $3.75 million, but unlike other startups such as the Uber-owned Otto that seek to eschew truck drivers completely, San Francisco-based Starsky Robotics wants humans steering big rigs, just not from behind the wheel... Starsky outfits trucks with an add-on system that uses computers, radar and software to allow the vehicle to run autonomously on the highway, where there is much more predictability than on the streets. Then, once the big rig exits on to city streets, the remotely controlled robots take over... Last month, the company equipped a Freightliner and hauled 5,000 pounds of freight from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale. For 120 miles the truck ran humanless and then an additional 20 miles via remote control... 
(Photo: A self-driving truck)   --  San Francisco, CAL, USA - The Whittier Daily News, by Rachel Uranga - 8 March 2017

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