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Mar 24, 2017

PIRATE ELECTRONIS UNITS * Belgium: Modifyng emissions from diesel trucks

* Brussels - Emissions of diesels: engine rigging software flourishes on canvas

--- Pirate electronics units intended to modify the emissions of nitrogen oxides from diesel trucks have been available on the Internet since the application of Euro 5... In order to contain nitrogen oxide emissions from truck diesel engines within Euro 6, all manufacturers use an AdBlue injection in the exhaust gases (SCR process). The device that controls its operation can be neutralized by pirate software for sale on the Internet... Cheating involves providing permanent false information to the central management unit: "everything goes well on the side of catalytic reduction" while the AdBlue tank is empty... The pirated electronic boxes called "AdBlue emulators" are available on the Internet since the application of Euro 5 at derisory prices (a few tens of euros) with sometimes a certificate of quality awarded ... in China! Some professionals propose the installation of pirate boxes in a more ambiguous way, with a temporary activation to reach an AdBlue refueling point... The after-sales networks have observed cases of use of AdBlue emulator on vehicles coming mainly from countries of the East... But in the case of a system with switch, is detection possible? Yes, because the AdBlue injection device does not adequately support prolonged inactivity while the engine is running, which will result in high costs during a refurbishment... DAF and Scania sent a circular to their network stating the legal consequences of any reprogramming of the engine and the depollution devices: loss of the manufacturer's warranty, loss of the right of movement (non-conformity with the homologation of origin) therefore, loss of insurance... On 13 January 2017 a European motion for a resolution concerning the standards governing the motor vehicle industry, and in particular their control, was drafted, inter alia, with an explicit request to prohibit any device for invalidation and to make the homologation mandatory softwares... 
(Photo by DR - A European motion for a resolution calls for the banning of any "AdBlue Emulator" device) -- Brussels, Belgium - ACTU (France), by ETIENNE CADET - 24 March 2017

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