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Mar 18, 2017

PARTNERSHIP: Tata Motors-Volkswagen/Skoda * India

* Tamil Nadu - Will Tata Motors-Volkswagen pact be more effective ?

--- Domestically Tata Motors sales have not been in top gear and globally Volkswagen is in trouble in developed markets over the emissions scandal, making it much more important for the German brand to strike it rich in high-growth emerging markets, say auto industry experts... Will the Tata Motors-Volkswagen/Skoda partnership yield any identifiable results for the two partners? From the positioning of the CEOs on both sides it is clear what each company wants — Tata Motors is looking for nextgen technology, Volkswagen is looking to crack the emerging markets riddle... VW and group company Skoda have not had a great run in India, despite their obviously well-engineered cars. The positive news is Tata Motors is good at keeping relationships alive (Fiat and Daimler are good examples). The bad news — that alone may not make for a financially successful alliance...
Chennai, India - The Economic Times (India), by Nandini Sen Gupta - March 13, 2017



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