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Mar 24, 2017

FRAUD * Europe: In detachment of drivers

* Brussels - Fraud in the organized detachment: a Frenchman at the head of a dismantled network

--- A French national, a manager of a Slovak company, orchestrated a fraud in the detachment of drivers between France, Belgium, Portugal and Slovakia. The offense for concealed advertising is characterized... A massive strike, conducted simultaneously on 14 March in France, Belgium, Slovakia and Portugal, enabled the dismantling of a group of Belgian and French road haulage companies headed by a French national... Zealous proponent? False carrier? It is clear that this sponsor has orchestrated since 2014 the fraudulent detachment of Roumanian, Polish, Slovakian and Portuguese road drivers to the detriment of these and of the French and Belgian public finances... The social damage identified for only six companies targeted among dozens of customers of the Slovakian company is around 9 M €. The four protagonists are suspected of complicity of work concealed in organized gangs with several French or Belgian companies of road transport of goods. At the request of the Belgian authorities, two persons should be detained. A hundred companies could be involved in this transnational network... 
 (Photo: The hidden labor advertising survey is conducted by the Central Office for Combating Illegal Labor -OCLTI-, under the authority of the Colmar prosecutor's office)   -- Brussels, Belgium - ACTU - 20 March 2017

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