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Mar 6, 2017

DRIVERLESS TRUCKS * USA: Would solve the driver shortage ?

* California - Self-drive start-ups EMBARK, target the trucking industry

--- As a legal dispute ensnares Uber Technologies’ robot-trucking division, several start-ups are showing off their own efforts towards self-driving delivery vehicles that would reinvent the freight business... Here’s how Alex Rodrigues envisions the future of trucking: Big rigs get loaded as usual and a driver pilots them to a spot on the edge of the highway. The driver hops out and the 18-wheeler cruises down the freeway for hundreds of miles in autonomous mode (presumably with pit stops at full-service gas stations). There’s no human aboard. Once it nears its destination, the truck pulls off to another roadside stop, where a different driver hops in to take it through city streets to wherever it’s being unloaded...

...  Rather than a job-killer for truck drivers, Rodrigues sees this concept as improving their lives, allowing them to do short hops instead of long hauls... Embark’s technology sounds similar to that of Otto and other autonomous vehicle developers: It uses sensors like radar, cameras and lidar (a laser form of radar) to perceive the world, with artificial intelligence to analyze all the data they generate and tell the truck what to do... But Embark’s vision slightly veers from that of Otto. While Otto also wants to make trucks autonomous during long stretches on the freeway, its concept is that the drivers will stay aboard, able to sleep or do other things, thus increasing their efficiency and extending their driving time...
(Photos: 1. Alex Rodriguez' displays its vehicle equipped with self-driving technology, which has been tested in Nevada - 2. Rodrigues looks at test results inside the Embark self-driving technology test truck cab in San Francisco on February 21, 2017.)  --  San Francisco, CAL, USA The San Francisco Gate, by Carolyn Said/The Australian (Australia) - March 4, 2017

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