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Mar 18, 2017

DENNISON TRAILERS * UK: 50,000th milestone

* Lancaster - Dennison Trailers celebrates with one-off gold trailer

--- Dennison Trailers has created a special one-off gold trailer to celebrate production of its 50,000th unit since the company was formed, and added extra sparkle with Xbrite+ forged aluminium wheels... Number 50,000, a Slope Frame ISO Tank trailer ideal for the transportation of hazardous liquids, is one of 34 trailers that will be supplied in a new deal with Suttons International, an innovative logistics and supply chain company that has a global presence and a major name in the haulage industry... As well as its aesthetics and easy-clean properties, the ultimate advantages of operating with Xbrite+ forged aluminium wheels includes extra payloads, reduced diesel usage, decreased CO¬≤ emissions and less wear on surrounding parts, including expensive components such as tyres and brakes... 
Lancaster, UK - Transport Parts, by John Loughran - March 6, 2017



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