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Mar 18, 2017

AMAZON: NEW PLAYER in Transport & Logistic Worldwide * USA

* Washington - Amazon plans Air Cargo Service for Chinese customers

--- Inc. has developed a business to handle shipments for its sellers by land and by sea -- and soon by air... The Seattle-based retail giant is planning to offer its sellers in China the ability to fly their goods internationally as air cargo, according to an Amazon Logistics site... The move is an expansion of Amazon's growing business as a global freight forwarder and third-party logistics company, putting it more directly in competition with companies like United Parcel Service Inc. and Deutsche Post AG's DHL. In recent months, Amazon began handling the shipment of goods by ocean to its U.S. warehouses from Chinese merchants selling on its site, taking on a role it had previously left to global freight-transportation companies...
(Photo: Amazon's Prime Air Cargo Jets Set to Take Off)  --   Seattle, WASH, USA - The Morning Star, by Laura Stevens and Erica E. Phillips - 15 March 2017

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