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Feb 7, 2017

TRUMP's & TRUCKS REGULATIONS * USA: Speed limiter rule

* DC - Trump’s halt on regulations the ‘death knell’ for truck speed limiter rule

--- President Trump’s recent decrees on federal regulations likely spell the end of a U.S. DOT rule to mandate the use of speed limiters on heavy-duty trucks, says Joe Rajkovacz, head of regulatory affairs for the Western States Trucking Associations... One of Trump’s first actions as president was the issuance of a memorandum to all federal agencies barring them from enacting any new regulations. The speed limiter mandate, issued as a proposed rule in September, had already drawn widespread criticism from the trucking industry, even from the groups that asked the agency to develop the rule initially, such as the American Trucking Associations... Trump calls on agencies to remove two regulations for every new one... In addition to the freeze on new regulations, Trump has ordered federal agencies to remove two existing regulations for each new regulation proposed... 
Washington, DC, USA - Overdrive, by James Jaillet - February 01, 2017

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