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Feb 13, 2017

* Trucking Industry Insider: Trumping Australia

* ACT - The transport industry can only be optimistic about what 2017 could deliver

--- Mining appears to be showing slow signs of recovery, government contracts for large scale developments press forward, and commercial and residential construction continues to prosper on the back of low interest rates... Yep money's cheap right now, and all is looking rosy for a solid 2017 performance for the truck equipment suppliers... Then across the pond comes the inauguration of the man himself, the one who could simply screw the optimism of so many with his stubborn ways, the man who will use the power to his advantage - the man they call Trump. Donald Trump... So what does this mean for transport in Australia, and what would that mean for customers chasing new metal and rubber for the kilometres ahead? While it is still early to predict, I would expect to see positives and negatives for this great industry... The positives are that we should see the dollar climb closer to parity, that means great opportunities for importers of American gear as it should become more competitive against the European products and that should flow through to the end user... The negatives will grow, but at this stage expect the Trans Pacific Partnership to be a distant memory, even if good old Malcolm Turnbull gets nations outside of the USA on board (which I highly doubt) it won't deliver huge impacts on our industry unless American companies rely on cheaper labour options in regions like Mexico to build product - there would be a few component suppliers that may face this challenge...
 Canberra, ACT, Australia - Big Rigs - 13th Feb 2017

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