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Feb 21, 2017


* New York - Wellness: It needs to be a focus for truck drivers

--- (This story highlights a telling factoid: while the average lifespan for an American is 78 years, for long-haul commercial truck drivers, it’s 61) 
 ... There are plenty of reasons why truck driver wellness is rightfully becoming a more critical industry topic: go here, here and here to examine just a few of them... And drivers themselves are getting more health-conscious, too, as concerns about the negative impact operating a commercial truck can deliver on life expectancy continue to grow... So where the future of truck driver recruiting and retention strategies is concerned, it won’t be solely about pay, home time and operating top-of-the-line trucks anymore; it’ll also be about how to keep them fit and healthy over the course of their careers in the freight industry...
NY, USA - Fleet Owner, by Sean Kilcarr - Feb 17, 2017



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