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Feb 14, 2017

PARKING SPACES FOR TRUCKS * USA: A nightmare every day for truckers

* Colorado - Truck parking is quiet crisis facing industry

--- Each night, thousands of truck drivers across the country find themselves in a horrible game of “musical chairs” — searching for parking spaces to take their mandated 10-hour rest period... This occurs because of a major shortage for truck parking, which has not kept up with the volume and growth of trucks traveling across our country each day... Tom Lee to illustrate this problem, one needs only to look at a recent statement by the former secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Mark Gottlieb, who noted that the average over-the-road truck driver “spends 56 minutes each day looking for places to park that are safe, where the driver can get the necessary rest time, and that 56 minutes a day translates into $4,600 annually in lost wages for that driver and for that company.” The drivers’ lost wages and companies’ higher costs are the tip of this problem’s iceberg... The additional time spent searching for a space translates into greater congestion on roadways, increased emissions and more energy use... But the greatest concern is how the parking shortage may affect safety as fatigue may set in for drivers searching for parking. Inadequate truck parking also factors into driver retention and recruitment...
(Photo: Truck drivers give up nearly an hour of available driving time each day by parking)   --   Denver, COL, USA - Transport Topics, by Tom Lee First Vice President Empire Warehouse - Feb. 13, 2017

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