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Feb 21, 2017

Marijuana and Truck Drivers * USA: Legalization of medical one

* Arkansas - Truckers wary of Arkansas medical marijuana rollout

--- The trucking industry is grappling with how Arkansas' recent legalization of medical marijuana will affect it... While commercial drivers license holders are strictly regulated at the federal level, the Arkansas Legislature is left to work out how other "safety sensitive" positions across all industries will be affected... The Department of Transportation, which regulates interstate commerce, explicitly forbids anyone who has tested positively for marijuana in their system from driving a commercial motor vehicle... Colorado legalized medical marijuana in 2000 and recreational use of marijuana in 2012. Patti Gillette, vice president of the Colorado Motor Carriers Association, has watched the industry in her state grapple with the changes over the years... 
(Photo: No Tokes for Truckers: Marijuana and Truck Drivers) -- Little Rock, ARK, USA - Arkansas On LIne, By Emma Hurt - February 18, 2017

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