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Feb 21, 2017

Driverless delivery disruption * USA

* California - How the trucking industry is responding to 

--- Driverless delivery vehicles will be the future of trucking, but what is the trucking industry doing to stay competitive during this disruptive transition? ... With nearly 1.7 million Americans working in the trucking industry, the switch to driverless delivery trucks has many concerned about massive job losses as the average truck driver relies on an average salary of $42,500, according to the Huffington Post... However, Dmitri Fedorchenko, CEO of Doft, whose mission is to disrupt the trucking industry by providing an Uber-like service that connects suppliers directly with truckers in their area, recognizes that driverless trucks will be efficient for long hauls, but for city-driving and actual door-to-door deliveries, there will still be human operators... 
Los Angeles, CAL, USA - The Sociable, by TIM HINCHLIFFE - FEB 17, 2017



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