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Feb 13, 2017

DANGEROUS DRIVERS * Australia: That you don't want to share the road with

* Queensland - There are many truckers underpaid and under trained on the Aussie roads ...

--- This week's lead story looks at fatigue management and remuneration and how they work together to make our highways either safer or more dangerous... Old sparring partners are at it - the union, NatRoad and the ATA... But what about us mere mortals trying to make a living getting freight from one place to another, either driver or owner-driver? ... Most of the fellas I hang out with are reasonably happy apart from the usual drivers' gripes... They work under reasonable EBAs, strict adherence to driving times in line with standard, BFM or wherever AFM has got to these days... Wage drivers strike a deal with the bosses, earn enough to raise a family, pay off a house, even put a little aside... If all this is so good, what's the point of a union, of Tony Sheldon and his state counterparts battling on about safety, fatigue and so forth? ... I guess I'm talking about good drivers with good jobs - and there are lots of us... However, good drivers are in short supply... Unfortunately, the population of truck drivers is not homogeneous and many are underpaid and under trained...
Kynuna, QLD, Australia - Big Rigs, by Bruce Honeywill - 10th Feb 2017

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