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Jan 25, 2017

Wheels keep on turnin’ * USA

* Massachusetts - Survey: Trucks navigate Seaport 6,000 times daily

--- Container and delivery trucks are rumbling through South Boston and the Seaport 6,000 times a day on average, according to a new Massport survey, rattling the high-priced loft and condo tenants... The estimated truck traffic, culled from a survey of nearly 30 area businesses, comes as steam picks up on a proposal to overhaul Cypher Street in the Seaport, which officials and advocates say could not only help trucks weave through the busy neighborhood but serve cyclists and pedestrians as well... Massport officials surveyed 28 South Boston businesses and others, such as the Conley Terminal, Boston Fish Pier and the U.S. Postal Service, and determined trucks are making roughly 6,000 daily trips in and out of their facilities, including more than 900 alone out of Conley Terminal... The state has sought to address that, investing $75 million to build a freight corridor from the terminal to divert container trucks off of nearby West First Street... 
(Photo by Christopher Evans - BIG RIG: A truck turns onto Seaport Boulevard in Boston’s Seaport District)  --  Boston, MASS, USA - The Boston Herald, by Matt Stout - January 24, 2017



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