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Jan 5, 2017


* NSW - To keeping cool in the bunk

--- It’s summer on one of the hottest continents on the planet, so we check out some of the main systems for keeping cool in the bunk... Perhaps surprisingly, truck manufacturers don’t supply factory-fitted bunk coolers for Australia, and there’s no peak body for after-market bunk cooling suppliers... So we visited supplier Truck Art at Wagga Wagga in southern NSW on the crossroads between Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane. Believe me, it doesn’t get much hotter in Australia than in Wagga... Truck Art owner Terry Gibbs also has cooler installation workshops in Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth... One of his early ventures was manufacturing sleeper cabs in the days before widespread bunk air cooling, about 15 years ago... 
 (Photo: A diesel powered “Ecowind” system on the ATA’s Volvo safety truck)   --   Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia - ATN, by Steve Skinner - 5 Jan 2017

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