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Jan 19, 2017


* California -  It's not just truck drivers whose jobs are at risk

--- At the end of December Uber debuted Uber Freight, into the lucrative world of logistics. Many saw Uber’s entry into freight as a death knell for trucking companies, as Uber is looking to build a fleet of driverless trucks... And while the threat to trucking is real, Uber Freight poses a more immediate threat to the thousands of mid-level, white-collar support staff jobs in the industry, also known as freight brokerage... This process seems wildly inefficient, it is! A 3PL is the definition of a middleman, and employs hundreds, if not thousands, of operations employees to input this data and brokers these deals every day... Uber is uniquely positioned to streamline the industry, though. Much like the company’s ride-hailing app cuts out the taxi dispatcher and allows people to hail rides directly from drivers, Uber Freight can create a platform where shippers and truckers broker shipping orders directly with one another, effectively rendering obsolete thousands of 3PL workers. It replaces people with software, and configures a labor-intensive industry into a SaaS (Software as a service) business... Many people have pointed out that automation, not China or Mexico, is the real threat to blue-collar American jobs. Overlooked, however, are all the non-executive white-collar administrative jobs that will be rendered obsolete, too ... Famed venture capitalist Marc Andreessen is fond of the phrase “software is eating the world,” meaning that it’s replacing many of the post-industrial, pre-internet jobs once thought to be essential. Problem is, one man’s efficiency is another’s unemployment...
San Francisco, CAL, USA - Linkedin/MEL magazine, by John McDermott - 18 JAN 2017

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