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Jan 17, 2017


* California - Driver negotiates truck down icy mountain after it jackknifes

(Video by AMAZING/Credit: California Highway Patrol - Jan 13, 2017: A FedEx driver guides a big rig down an icy mountain road) 

--- FedEx driver guides big rig down icy California mountain road after brakes lock on trailer hitting a patch of ice and skidding off the road can cause any of us to have a slight panic attack... The FedEx driver kept his composure when his 18-wheel truck jackknifed at the high point of the snowy mountain pass Thursday near the California-Nevada border, KTLA reported... The driver was pulling two trailers when the truck jackknifed on Interstate 80 near Floriston near the Donner Pass, a pass in the Sierra Nevada that rises more than 7,000 feet at its crest... CHP blocked the traffic and escorted the truck as it drifted down the road to the next shoulder area. This location was a safer spot for the truck to wait for a tow, KTLA reported... 
 Donner Pass, CAL, USA - Cox Media Group/KTLA, by Bob D'Angelo - January 14, 2017

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