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Jan 19, 2017

TRUCKERS' SHORTAGE * Japan: Switching cargo from trucks to railways

* Japan firms shifting to trains to move freight amid dearth of new truckers

--- Logistics and other companies in Japan are increasingly switching from trucks to railways as a means of transporting freight over land, with rival firms even cooperating in some cases... The moves are driven in part by a chronic shortage of truck drivers... The Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Ministry is positive about backing the so-called modal shift, as cargo transport by rail is effective in reducing emissions of carbon dioxide, the main culprit in the Earth’s warming... The amount of CO2 emissions from trains is an eighth of that emitted by trucks in Japan, and ships emit about a fifth of the truck total, when the same amount of cargo is transported... The transport ministry aims to boost the volume of cargo transported by trains by about 20 percent by fiscal 2020. It is currently providing subsidies to companies that jointly devise efficient transportation business models... 
(Photo ISTOCK - Companies in Japan that move cargo are increasingly shifting from roads to rails to cope with a chronic shortage of truck drivers)   --  Tokyo, Japan - The Japan Times, by JIJI - JAN 17, 2017

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