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Jan 18, 2017

TRUCK SALES * Australia - Light duty powering ahead

* ACT - Truck and heavy van sales 2016 were 32,964 units

--- The headlines from the latest truck sales figures show light duty powering ahead, according to the 2016 truck sales numbers published by the Truck Industry Council. The TIC Sales figures showed truck and heavy van sales for the 2016 calendar year were 32,964 units... The numbers reveal healthy sales at the bottom end of the market for light duty trucks combined with solid sales for much of the year for medium duty and even the heavy duty end of the market, which has been flat, saw most of the losses made from January to September erased by the end of 2016... This ongoing strength in the lighter end of the market helped Isuzu get to its 28th consecutive year as Australia‚Äôs highest selling truck maker, selling 8,307 trucks and securing over 25 per cent market share... The general conclusion would seem to be the long slow climb out from the lowest demand levels we saw after the GFC continues. The most important indicator from the point of view of the transport industry, and the general economy, is the continuing trends upwards... 
 Canberra, ACT, Australia - Diesel News - Jan 12, 2017



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