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Jan 29, 2017


* West Australia - BIG PINK TRUCK: Grinding through the Pilbara heat

--- The Volvo prime mover is hooked up to three 45-foot trailers with empty waste bins on board. The trip is out to a construction site at Onslow where thousands of workers are housed... Three times a week the Volvo rig rumbles its 37-tonne tare weight the 350 kilometres west of Karratha, where the empty bins are delivered to the holding yard and full bins collected for a 95-tonne combination run back to Karratha for processing and recycling... It's January and it's hot! ... With Heather Jones at the wheel, the Volvo's 700hp and 3150Nm of torque never flinched. Heather is of course the well known personality who heads up Pilbara Heavy Haulage girls, and this pink Volvo prime mover is the result of Volvo and head honcho Peter Voorhoevre's support of the Pilbara group...

(Photo 2 - CHECKING THE LOAD: Heather Jones checks the chains and fasteners of the loaded bins before the run home to Karratha) 
 ... This is the situation that the pink Volvo and its great trailers were involved in, hauling bulk commodities out of WA's desert... So Heather supervises the loading and tying down of trailers for the run back to Karratha grossing 95 tonnes... The fully loaded industrial waste bins had to be placed to make sure each of the rig's 15 drive and trailer axles shared the weight evenly, legally and safely... Tie down chain and strap tension was critical given the high and gusting winds expected on the route, complicated by the tall, slab sides of the bins... Load and trailer trim is essential for fuel economy, tyre wear, safety and general wear and tear, but it's a tough job for truck and driver as Heather steers the big machine for the run home... And the road train, in its tragically pink paint job, grunts and begins the haul through the heat back to Karratha... Another day in the lives of the Pilbara Heavy Haulage girls, breaking the glass ceilings that hold women drivers from a job that is imminently suitable for the right working woman... 
(Photo 1: On the road with Volvo and Pilbara Heavy Haulage)   --  Pilbara, WA, Australia - Big Rigs - 27th Jan 2017

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