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Jan 21, 2017

MAC DONALD's & UBER * USA: You too Mac... ?

* Florida - McDonald's,is testing at this time in 200 restaurants delivering at home, along with Uber couriers

--- According to the website of the American Business Insider information, McDonald's is currently testing home delivery. The service will concern initially that the consumers of Florida, and 200 restaurants (the brand in nearly 25,000 worldwide). It will rely on mobile UberEats, the eponymous VTC platform. For the fast-food brand, we will first check the capacity of these drivers to deliver in less than 10 minutes...

And in France ?

 If our colleagues in the Business Insider suggest the possibility of a deployment of this new offering in excess of US borders if successful, nothing is less certain in the case of France . Certainly, the Hexagon has already set up a mobile application for online booking and payment a few years ago (before the United States), but by which customers have to pick up their menu directly in one of the 1 300 French restaurants of the brand. One may wonder if home delivery gives the consumer a service sufficient to justify the additional cost of the benefit, and would limit the interest of the investment for restaurateurs, who, remember, under franchise in France... 
Paris, France - ACTU Transport et Logistique - 11 Jan 2017



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