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Jan 12, 2017

AUTONOMOUS TRUCKS USA: * On road in five years - ** Peloton platooning trucks and fuel savings

* DC - Sciences Academy Panel sees self-driving trucks on road in five years

--- Autonomous trucking is coming faster than expected – perhaps within five years, according to panelists at the Transportation Research Board’s 96th annual meeting in Washington, D.C., on Monday... The TRB event, which is a division of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, drew 13,000 engineers, planners and policy-makers to its five-day confab to discuss everything from asphalt paving to self-driving commercial trucks... A marquee demonstration of a self-driving truck in Colorado last October provided a powerful argument that the rapidly-developing technology really works, two panelists emphasized... 
(Photo: Otto - Otto self driving truck driver window, tested it in Colorado)  --   Washington, DC, USA -, by JAMES R. HEALEY- JAN 10, 2017

 ** Nevada - Trucking industry gets a glimpse of its automated future at CES 2017

--- The heavy- and light-duty trucking industries will benefit from the automated driving technologies rolling out of the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show this week in Las Vegas... Automated trucking innovators Peloton Technology and partner FEV North America Inc., a smart-vehicle technology business, are demonstrating so-called SAE Level 1 truck platooning technology, which allows tightly contained, digitally connected packs trucks to drive in formation to cut wind resistance and save fuel... The goal is to have these automated driving technologies fully implemented around 2020 to 2021. However, many of these are already finding their way into vehicles already on the road... The platooning ADAS technology will be available for pre-order starting Jan. 5 and be delivered to fleet customers by the end of 2017...
(Photo: Peloton - Truck platooning visualization by Peloton Technology)   --  Las Vegas, NEV, USA -, by DEANNA ISAACS - JAN 6, 2017

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