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Jan 18, 2017

ALTERNATIVE FUELS * USA: Mack Trucks' Pinnacle alternative fuel

* NC - Mack Trucks and New York Launch Dimethyl Ether Fuel Test
--- Mack Trucks is reigniting interest in Dimethyl Ether, or DME, a clean-burning alternative to diesel, with a new field test to be conducted in partnership with Oberon Fuels and New York City’s sanitation department... The test, using a Class 8 Mack Pinnacle tractor with a 13-liter engine, began this week and is scheduled to run for several weeks of evaluation, with results to be published by mid-year... It is the first commercial test of a DME-powered Mack. The truck maker, along with its parent company Volvo Trucks, voiced interest in the fuel several years ago, but low diesel prices dampened enthusiasm for alternative fuels and both companies canceled their planned DME engine projects in late 2014... But with growing political and social pressure for cleaner vehicle emissions, alternative fuels are catching on again...
(Photo: Mack - Mack Trucks launched a test of a Dimethyl Ether-powered Mack Pinnacle model in collaboration with the New York City Dept. of Sanitation and Oberon Fuels to evaluate DME, a non-toxic, clean-burning alternative fuel)   --  Greensboro, NC, USA - Trucks. com, by JOHN O'DELL - JANUARY 13, 2017

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