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Dec 1, 2016

UBER'S * Europe - ‘Not a Taxi Company’

* Luxembourg - Uber’s defense on trial in EU. Company fights being regulated as a transportation provider

--- Uber Technologies Inc. has long tried to fight local transportation laws by saying it isn’t a new transportation company. Judges in Luxembourg heard oral arguments Tuesday in a court case that could decide whether that defense will work in Europe... The stakes in the case are high for Uber on one side, and taxi companies and local regulators in Europe on the other. They have been locked in battles across some of the European Union’s biggest countries... Many regulators and taxi companies argue that Uber is a scofflaw that has raised more than $11 billion in capital to steamroll into countries, ignoring rules aimed at protecting passengers and drivers—while crushing local competition... Uber argues that national transportation regulations in Europe are outdated. It is arguing at the EU’s Court of Justice that those rule don’t apply to Uber because it is an online-service provider, rather than a transportation provider—a designation that it says should give it protection under existing EU laws...
(PHOTO: REUTERS - London taxi drivers protest against Uber in on Feb. 10. The company is no stranger to battles in Europe and elsewhere) -- London, EN, UK - The WSJ, by SAM SCHECHNER - Nov. 29, 2016

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