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Dec 9, 2016

TRUCK TOLLS * USA - Electronic ones charging big rigs

* Rhode Island - Moves forward on truck tolls

--- Rhode Island transportation officials are moving forward on plans to install electronic tolls that will charge big-rig trucks for traveling along Interstate 95 and other highways. (SEE VIDEO) ... The Rhode Island Department of Transportation said Monday it has begun seeking proposals by companies looking to design, build and operate the tolls... The state truck-only tolls will help to raise money to repair bridges and roads... The first tolls will be erected along I-95 in southwest Rhode Island near the Connecticut border. The state law allows 18-wheelers to be charged up to $20 on a one-way route through the state between Massachusetts and Connecticut... The state plans to award a contract in the spring and complete toll construction by late 2018... 
(Photo: Greater New York Roads / I-95) -- Providence, R.I., USA — The Associated Press/WPRI - December 5, 2016

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