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Dec 6, 2016

THE EPA BREAKS THE LAW * USA: To rush out new fuel mileage mandates

* DC - The EPA’s Auto Outsourcing Act

--- One reason auto makers are shifting production to Mexico is expensive U.S. fuel-efficiency mandates, which were supposed to be up for review next year. With its pedal to the metal, the EPA is now seeking to finalize the regulations before a Trump Administration can put on the brakes. The standards in effect mandate that auto makers mass produce electric cars regardless of consumer demand. U.S. manufacturers that profit mainly from trucks will get hit hardest by the mandate: The more gas-guzzlers they sell, the more electric cars they have to produce. Trucks and SUVs have been flying off lots due to low gas prices, and last year light-duty trucks made up about 60% of domestic auto makers’ sales. A Trump Administration could withdraw the regulations and restart the rule-making process, but the EPA has gummed up the works and put auto makers in a tailspin... 
 (PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES/ISTOCKPHOTO - Car production line with unfinished cars in a row) -- Washington, DC, USA - The WSJ - Dec. 2, 2016

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