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Dec 10, 2016

SPEED LIMITER MANDATE * USA: Carrier consensus & truckers ‘vehemently’ opposed

* DC - About speed limiter mandate: 65 mph and retroactive

--- Carries and trucking trade groups offered mixed, but strong opinions on the DOT’s proposed speed limiter mandate. Though most agreed a 65 mph speed limit was best of the three options presented by the DOT, most argued further research — and another rule proposal — are needed before the agencies proceed with a final rule... Though the majority of commenters who filed formal feedback with the U.S. DOT on its proposal to mandate speed governor use in the trucking industry adamantly oppose such a rule, most comments from fleets — albeit large ones — offer support for the mandate and provided regulators constructive guidance on what a final rule should look like... The 90-day public comment period on the September-issued Notice of Proposed Rulemaking closed late Wednesday. The proposed rule was developed and published jointly by the DOT agencies the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration... Several prominent commenters said the DOT’s September-issued proposal was too incomplete and requires another iteration before being made a final rule. But most commenters, as noted above, stated strong opposition to any form of speed limiter mandate... 
Washington, DC, USA - CCJ, by James Jaillet- December 8, 2016

* Speed limiters will hurt truckers’ bottom line and cause more accidents, operators argue in formal comments

--- Upwards of 4,500 comments were received by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration over the last three months on the agency’s proposed rule to mandate speed limiting devices on heavy trucks, and most trucker commenters railed against the rule and its potential effects on small business truckers... The comment period for the proposed rule closed just before midnight Eastern time Wednesday, Dec. 7. In the proposal, FMCSA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration sought input from the trucking industry on three potential speeds for trucks to be limited to – 60 mph, 65 mph and 68 mph. The rule stated all new trucks would be required to leave the manufacturer with the speed cap set if the rule were to be enacted... 
(Photo: The comment period for FMCSA’s and NHTSA’s proposed rule to mandate speed governors on heavy-duty trucks ended Dec. 7)   --  Washington, DC, USA - Overdrive, by Matt Cole - December 08, 2016

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