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Dec 9, 2016

PACCAR news * Australia: New truck Kenworth's T610

* Victoria - Kenworth debuts bigger, better T610

--- Kenworth's new T610 kicked off on the basis of a bigger cab, but morphed into a range of changes and upgrades to make it as much great driver experience when it's on the road and working, as it is a symbol of pride in the truck park... In the US for the last few years the brand has been working on a new design that adds iconic Kenworth signature styling to a cab that nearly doubles usable space for the operator... Key changes include moving the entire cab forward 300mm to allow a BBC that permits the biggest payloads to work within Australia's strict length regulations... Fuel requirements are met with either round or rectangular tanks from 200 to 700 litres... The axle back T610 and axle forward T610 SAR differ little other than the obvious aero styling of the 610, but the SAR also retains the air cleaner displayed in classic look-at-me stainless steel finish and mounted adjoining the door hinges. The SAR is only available in 6x4... Both models are rated for maximum payload 26-metre B-double work as well as road train applications up to 140-tonne. 100kgs is saved with an aluminium core radiator and the system is set-up for up to 600hp from Cummins' X-15 Euro V engine with new electronics to match the anticipated Eaton AMTs or the Roadranger 18-speed manual... There's a foot-well that is 30 per cent larger and a footrest is added for convenience on those long hauls where your left foot doesn't have a lot to do... 
(Photo by David Meredith - Kenworth has unveiled its next generation heavy-duty truck, the revolutionary T610 model, after almost a decade of development)  --  Bayswater, VIC, USA - Big Rigs, by David Meredith - 6th Dec 2016



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