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Dec 9, 2016

CUMMINS' & NIKOLA'S TRUCK * USA: Trucking prognosis

* Indiana - Cummins responds to Nikola’s Electric Truck with its vision of the future

--- Cummins Inc., the industry’s only independent engine manufacturer, outlined how the company envisions using multiple alternative propulsion systems to power Class 8 trucks within the next 10 years... Cummins responded Dec. 6 to a request for comment after the unveiling of an electric Class 8 truck made by Salt Lake City-based Nikola Motor Co., which announced its intention to revolutionize the trucking industry with its technology. Its truck is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell and a 320 kWh battery pack consisting of more than 32,000 individual lithium-ion cells welded together... Truck makers did not respond to the same request... Cummins will “continue to introduce innovative power solutions to drive truck technology ahead, as we have been doing since the 1930s,” according to the statement... Over the coming five to 10 years, Cummins will introduce next-generation power systems that include “super high-efficiency diesel powertrains to high-output natural gas engines with near-zero emissions and electromobility solutions focused on a diesel-generator plug-in hybrid driveline,” according to the engine maker... "However, Nikola Motor Co. is to be commended for trying to push the boundaries of the possible, and we wish them well with their endeavors” ... Multiple alternative propulsion systems create “an exciting picture of how the Class 8 market is likely to evolve,” Cummins said... 
(Photo: New Cummins engines in Jamestown will be more efficient. New line of heavy-duty truck engines)  --  Columbus, IND, USA - Transport Topics, by Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg News - 7 Dec 2016

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