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Nov 7, 2016

* USA - Long-haul truck driver: May soon be a thing of the past ?

* California - Elon Musk wants to replace truck drivers with "Fleet Managers"

(Autopilot Saves Model S. Video by Joshua Brown - Apr 5, 2016: Tesla Model S autopilot saved the car autonomously from a side collision from a boom lift truck) 

--- Tesla CEO Elon Musk has some bad news for country singers: the legendary occupation of the long-haul truck driver may soon be a thing of the past. Instead, the future of overground shipping may be controlled by autonomous trucks, guided to their destinations by “fleet managers” in remote locations... Tesla announced its plans for autonomous semi trucks (as well as pickups) back in July, but Musk hasn’t said much about it since. That changed on Friday, when during a live phone interview on CNBC, he talked about the concept of autonomous overground shipping and how it may completely change the truck driver’s role... Musk said getting all drivers out from behind the wheel might actually be safer and more productive... “I think it’ll actually be a big safety improvement because you get a lot of accidents when drivers are tired behind the wheel,” he said... While that may already be legal in Texas, it’s going to take a lot more testing before the trucks hit every highway... 
Palo Alto, CAL, USA - Inverse, by Jack Crosbie - November 4, 2016

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