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Nov 11, 2016

TRUCKS' SECURITY * Europe - Vehicles certified by TAPA

* Italy - TAPA truck plan gets European Commission attention

--- Air cargo handler and trucking company Alha Group has had 35 of its vehicles certified by the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA)... Based at Milan Malpensa, Alha operates 130 trucks equipped with advanced security including live monitoring, geo-localization and geo-fencing systems, and handles more than 350,000 tonnes of air cargo a year - 65 percent of the airport's throughput... The certification follows TAPA's presentation of a truck park plan to the European Commission's expert group on land transport security, in a bid to minimize losses from supply chains in the EMEA region... TAPA said 86 percent of all recorded cargo crimes last year involved trucks, and 57 percent were from unsecured parking locations... The association said the aim of its proposal is to identify secure parking places through certification, partnership and mutual recognition. An online tool will soon be available for its Manufacturer and Logistics Service Provider members incorporating a route planner, secure parking locator, site information and contact details, plus the locations of previous cargo crimes reported to TAPA on the routes companies are planning to use... 
Milan, Italy - Freight Week - November 08, 2016

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