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Nov 23, 2016

TRUCKING SAFETY * USA: Cargo Transporters with Trucking Alliance

* DC - Cargo Transporters to join Trucking Alliance as group expands in 2017

---  Cargo Transporters has accepted an invitation to join The Alliance for Driver Safety & Security (Trucking Alliance) in 2017... The Trucking Alliance noted that it asks its carrier members to adopt six operating standards that “exceed federal regulations and can ensure greater safety for their corporate drivers": 
 * Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) – Install ELDs in company owned interstate trucks to verify hour-of-service compliance. 
 * Truck Speed Limiters – Regulate trucks with speed limiters at a maximum speed of no more than 68mph. 
 * Hair Testing – Include hair testing as part of the commercial driver pre-employment drug testing process. 
 * Public Liability Insurance – Be sufficiently self-insured or if fully insured, carry a minimum of $5 million in public liability insurance. 
 * Onboard Truck Safety Technologies – Install Forward Collision Warning Systems technologies on all trucks purchased. 
 * Driver Hiring and Training Programs – Utilize the FMCSA Pre-Employment Screening Program and additional entry level and continuing driver training systems that exceed federal standards.
 ... The Trucking Alliance is a proponent of safety reforms in the freight transportation industry. Companies currently represented on the Alliance board of directors are Maverick USA, Knight Transportation, JB Hunt Transport Services, and Dupré Logistics... 
Washington, DC, USA - Truckinginfo, by David Cullen - November 21, 2016

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