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Nov 29, 2016


* Tennessee - Millennials, women drivers to mitigate US truck price hikes

(Video by Allie Knight - Oct 30, 2016: Denver to Springfield in a day! Come along for a convoy run with our new Kenworth trucks and black on black trailers!)

--- A 32-year-old, a woman, and a millennial, Allie Knight is a rarity on the road, but her efforts to galvanize her peers on the benefits of long-haul truck driving could mitigate the higher shipping rates that are in store for an industry facing chronic workforce shortages...  “It’s hard, but it’s good, solid work,” Knight told an audience at the 2016 JOC Inland Distribution Conference in Memphis earlier this month. “Make that more attractive to anybody and you’ll drag anybody in” ... US shippers need far more drivers like her — 890,000 drivers, in fact, according to the American Trucking Associations — in order to stem steadily rising trucking costs. Trucking rate acceleration may have hit a speed bump because of weak demand and low fuel prices, but shippers and motor carriers are warning that there won’t be enough skilled drivers to haul future freight, sending rates up... There’s clearly interest — across a range of ages, genders and backgrounds — in the industry. Knight’s work illustrates that... There’s still hope, Knight said. Because, as she repeated numerous times in Memphis, “it’s good, solid work” ...
Memphis, TENN, USA - JOC, by Reynolds Hutchins - Nov 23, 2016

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