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Nov 22, 2016

TOYOTA's * USA: New hydrogen fuel cell truck render

* Ohio - Toyota eyeing hydrogen fuel cell heavy-duty truck development
--- Toyota Motor Corp., a pioneer in the development of hydrogen fuel cell electric drive systems for passenger vehicles, is considering using that technology to develop a heavy-duty fuel cell truck... The Japanese automaker has formed a special team within Toyota’s U.S.-based research and development unit to work on a fuel cell electric powertrain for use in a heavy-duty, or Class 8 truck... Company insiders told Thursday that Toyota believes hydrogen fuel-cell systems can be scaled to meet most transportation applications and that it wants to test the technology to examine feasibility for both cost and performance. It would base the test in California, which has most of the nation’s existing base of hydrogen fuel facilities and is actively pursuing technologies that will reduce air pollution from the statewide freight handling system... Toyota already is developing hydrogen-powered heavy-duty vehicles...
(Illustration: Toyota - Having developed a fuel cell bus, Toyota is now looking at building hydrogen fuel cell heavy-duty trucks)  --  Cincinnati, OH, USA -, by JOHN O'DELL - Nov. 17, 2016



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