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Nov 1, 2016


* Beijing - Meet the chinese startup that wants to take on Ford with a tiny electric truck

--- In the woods on the outskirts of Beijing, Wang Chao, the ambitious founder of Chinese startup Kaiyun Motors, is behind the wheel of a tiny electric-powered truck he helped design, zipping up and down bumpy terrain with a big smile on his face...  The vehicle, he says, "will be as, if not more, successful" than Ford Motor Corp.'s legendary F-150 pickup. But unlike the gas guzzler, the diminutive Pickman runs on electricity...  Wang's little-known company has sold 5,000 of the battery-powered trucks across China since May and he says it has received more than 100,000 orders. With more than 200 companies racing to develop new-energy vehicles in the world's most competitive autos market, Kaiyun is one of the few companies to reach the retail stage. It plans to sell a million vehicles over the next five years... A lack of regulation has made China a bit like the Wild West when it comes to electric-vehicle production and funding, leading to a proliferation of cheap, poorly made models. Despite the fact there is currently no legal framework that allows low-speed EVs onto the roads, about a million are produced each year according to China’s Standardization Administration—a far higher figure than the 340,471 road-legal electric vehicles produced in 2015... Change, however, is afoot. The government said in October that it plans to regulate the industry, drawing up benchmarks that producers will be required to meet, or face closure. Legislation can then be formulated that will allow low-speed vehicles to be used on the roads... 
(Photographer: Giulia Marchi/Bloomberg - Kaiyun Motors founder Wang Chao drives the Pickman truck, which is 3.2 meters long and 1.3-meters wide and weighs just 680 kilograms)  --  Beijing, China - Bloomberg News - October 31, 2016



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