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Nov 15, 2016

THOUSANDS OF TRUCKS QUEUED UP * India / Bangladesh Border

* West Bengal - Bilateral trade collapses: Demonetisation has affected several transport businesses between India and Bangladesh

--- Thousands of trucks are stranded at the Mahadipur Land Port in Malda, the second largest land port in the country, the largest being Petrapole land port. The land port is active with business as hundreds of trucks cross the border and travel to Bangladesh round the clock... The trucks are stranded in Malda since Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the demonetisation of the notes of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000... The annual business at the port is around Rs 4,000 crore whereas daily one ranges from Rs six to Rs eight crore rupees. India is a major exporter and ears in dollars due to this international business. But the situation has changed drastically... The business has fallen to mere Rs two to Rs three crore rupees transactions per day, mostly on credit for time being. More than 2,000 trucks are stranded and so are the drivers and exporters. Around 400 trucks cross this port daily but now not even 100 are able to cross over to the neighbouring country... Most of the drivers and export teams had left their cities with products before the announcement with 1000 and 500 notes. But now they are just piece of paper and they cannot even buy food or fuel... 
(Photo: Stranded trucks at India / Bangladesh Border)   --   Kolkata, WB, India - India Today, by Bijin Jose - November 13, 2016



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