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Nov 17, 2016

Ignoring public safety rules * USA: Santa Fe officials' blatantly do it

* New Mexico - The most dangerous truck fleet in

  (Video from KRQE - Nov 15, 2016) 

--- There are federal laws on the books to protect the motoring public from unsafe trucks on the road. So why is a ragtag fleet of run-down and poorly maintained commercial size trucks plying city streets with everything from worn out tires to defective brakes and broken safety equipment? ... Perhaps you’re thinking this is some shadowy fly-by-night operation? No. It’s a fleet of garbage trucks operated by the city of Santa Fe... A four-month KRQE News 13 investigation found, practically every day, Santa Fe officials blatantly ignoring public safety rules by recklessly putting unsafe vehicles on the road. Documents show Santa Fe administrators failed to address hundreds of safety-related defects in many of its older garbage trucks... Earlier this summer, a long time trash truck driver wrote a two-page letter to top city administrators including Santa Fe’s Mayor and City Manager complaining about the lack of concern for truck safety. “I cannot and will not operate any vehicle that is unsafe and … not properly maintained,” the driver said in his June 24th letter... Shortly after writing the letter, the driver was fired. Santa Fe administrators say the driver’s termination was unrelated to his letter of complaint. City officials would not comment further citing personnel rules... 
Santa Fe, NM, USA - KRQE News 13, by Larry Barker - November 15, 2016

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